Leaving No One Behind


This event marks the (CRPD) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 10th anniversary  and the 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration. The event will have speakers presenting on a range of topics, various panels for discussions, workshops all aiming to share solutions, insights and sharing learning to achieve the future we all aim to achieve a Disability, Inclusive, and Safe Society for All.

Date: Saturday 18th November 2017
Venue: Birmingham City University

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In collaboration with World Health Innovation Summit, Include Me TOO and Birmingham City University


A call to Government for a SEND Equality Review

A call to government for a SEND Equality review following a decade of failings to disabled children & families from diverse community backgrounds.

Charity is calling for the government to review the last 10 years of equality duties failings in SEND delivery to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Disabled Children Young People and their families.

BAME disabled children, young people and their families continue to be underrepresented in services uptake, participation and representative bodies. Furthermore have limited support to accessible information and advice.

During July 2016 House of Lords roundtable event Include Me TOO led on with Baroness Uddin a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Disability and All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism; Lord Chris Holmes, Chair of the Disability Committee at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and an Ambassador of Include Me TOO and partner organisation Equalities National Council, asking to readdress the balance of equality, race and disability.

The roundtable discussions highlighted concerns of SEND reform and delivery failing the Equality Duties in regards to the multiple characteristics BAME disabled children, young people and their families are protected under including the United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child and Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities.

‘Whilst as diverse communities we need to increase disability awareness, acceptance, change attitudes and increase community support we also need to strengthen our voices in ensuring disabled children and their families are receiving support from services and having their needs met. Our main concerns and our involvement in this article was to highlight that substantial resources have been available over the last decade to improve services and support to disabled children and their families yet there are only a few pockets of practice which are seen as making progress regarding the needs of the BAME disabled children, young people and families. When resources are allocated to the BAME sector these are tokenistic small resources that are yet again to consult on how to improve BAME engagement and access, this is a waste of resources which could be allocated to strengthen the BAME sector who already are supporting these families and communities.

The bias culture needs to change and after a decade of meetings, advising on steering groups, highlighting the importance of equality and diversity with government officials and their strategic partners sadly there has been no progress to address the inequalities a generation of BAME disabled children, young people and their families have experienced and as a result the government and their partners in delivery have failed them. The barriers to diverse representation and contribution by having a ‘seat around the table’ are consistently made impossible surely this is an area which needs to be challenged as the strategic representatives and delivery partners for SEND do not represent the BAME sector of disabled persons, families and communities’. Parmi Dheensa (Include Me TOO Executive Director)

Include Me TOO are calling for a review to readdress the balance as a first step towards progress:

• Equality duties considered in decisions made by the DfE in regards to SEND policy, implementation and service delivery.

• Review of contracts and equality impact/outcome assessments of SEND programmes delivered since 2006 highlighting areas to meet ‘hard to reach’ communities.

• Review of the last 10 years of BAME representation in government level strategic decision making processes, advisory panels and delivery partners in the implementation of SEND

• Identify resources allocated specifically to reduce the inequalities of BAME disabled children, young people and their families to provide them with an equal chance.

• Review the last ten years national programmes such as Aiming High for Disabled Children, Parents and Carers participation, Early Support, Preparing for Adulthood, Short Breaks, SEND reform, Independent Supporters etc…

• Highlight lessons learnt and produce a disability equality and diversity strategy providing clear outcomes and tools to measure the needs of BAME disabled children, young people, young adults and their families are considered and supported.
Include Me TOO are further concerned that without real action and collaboration to readdress the balance within the existing mechanisms the barriers to the inclusion, participation, support and rights of BAME disabled children, young people and their families will continue.

For further details please do contact us on im2@includemetoo.org.uk Contact number 01902 711604 Mobile contact number 07940367753


Global Disability and Inclusion for Disabled Children and Young People #IncludeMeTOO Video Campaign.

To celebrate 10 years of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights this campaign is to increase the voices and visibility of disabled children and young people’s rights inclusion and participation in areas which matter to them #IncludeMeTOO     

The video campaign will bring together disabled children and young people across the globe and all video films will be complied into a film to be shared on a global platform later this year!

Entry to #IncludeMeTOO campaign is free entrants ages upto the age of 29 years. Each film to be no longer than 90 seconds to provide the following statement by first introducing their name, age, nature of disability or impairments and country they represent.

  • What are your dreams and aspirations?
  • What is your biggest challenge and barrier to your rights, inclusion or participation which you would wish to see removed?

 Remember to hold up a sign with the hashtag #IncludeMeTOO when you say this final statement.

  • It is important to #IncludeMeTOO because ………..’

Please email your video to us at im2@includemetoo.org.uk or direct message us via twitter @includemetoo

When sending or posting your video to us or on social media should contain #IncludeMeTOO

To get in touch with on twitter follow or like @includemetoo or on facebook Facebook.com/IMTOO

We welcome the support of schools and NGO’s to assist and encourage as many disabled children and young people across the globe to participate.

With signed videos it would be great if you can add captions or subtitles if possible or have an interpreter add voice over.

Any videos sent in with community languages can you also send a translation in English as this will assist in the final film launch when all videos are received during the year

If you have any further questions please do get in touch with us via email: im2@includemetoo.org.uk

What next? Get filming on you smart phones, with your schools and friends and let’s together share how we can build a Disability Inclusive & Safe Society for all.

Building the Right Support, Transforming Care Together

A national conference organised by Include Me TOO and supported by NHS England and partners Bringing Us Together and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

  • Empowering Individuals
  • Right care, Right place, Right skills
  • Meeting Individual Needs
  • Building the Right Support
  • Choice and Control
  • Advocacy and Information
  • Transforming Care Partnerships
  • Rights, Respect and Dignity
  • SEND Principals
  • Person Centered Planning
  • Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

“People with learning disabilities and/or autism and their families have an array of rights in law or Government policy – through human rights law, the Equalities Act, the NHS constitution, the Mental Health Act, the Care Act, the Mental Capacity Act, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and so on… [but] the lived experience of people with learning disabilities and/or autism and their families is too often very different. Too often they feel powerless, their rights unclear, misunderstood or ignored’. – Sir Stephen Bubb  






Date: Tuesday 28th March 2017
Time: 10.00am –  4.00pm
Venue: Molineux Stadium, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton West Midlands WV1 4QR

Links are provided below to download the booking form and the programme.

Booking Form

The Conference will increase understanding and awareness of the Transforming Care agenda to disabled young people, parents/carers from diverse communities and stakeholders.

During this event delegates will engage in discussions and workshops regarding Transforming Care, Building the Right Support improving services for people with learning disabilities and/or autism, who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition.

Speakers will cover areas of how we can support and deliver the Transforming Care agenda, ensuring disabled persons and families can have their say in how they wish to be involved in their local Transforming Care plans.

The conference will also be highlighting the importance of the implementation of equality and rights approach to meet individual needs supporting rights and dignity.

Include Me TOO and Commonwealth Youth Council

Strengthening The Participation and Inclusion of Disabled Young People Internationally.

Include Me TOO, a national (United Kingdom-based) charity, joined hands with the Commonwealth Youth Council, an international youth-led NGO, to advance mutual objectives.

Include Me TOO an award winning charity has led on disabled children and young people, and their families, from a diverse range of backgrounds participation and inclusion for over a decade, with innovative and creative approaches. The charity is committed in promoting and supporting social justice, equality, inclusion and the rights of disabled children and young people.

The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC), as mandated by the Commonwealth Heads of Government as the official voice of the 1.2+ billion young people of the Commonwealth, have embarked on an 18-month campaign to promote the interests of youth with disabilities. Their priority areas are empowerment of young people with disabilities, both economically and as community leaders; recognition of the work of young PWDs; data collection about young PWDs. The CYC is supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat that recently launched the Global Youth Development Index and a clear call was made for age-disaggregated data. The CYC is going further to make a call for age, gender and disability disaggregated data so that no one feels invisible to evidence-based policy. Overall, the campaign seeks to change perceptions.

Both organisations are coming together to strengthen the participation, inclusion and rights of disabled young people internationally with Commonwealth member states. The partnership’s project titled ‘Commonwealth Include Me 2’ will also be promoting disability awareness and understanding aiming to increase the positive attitudes and acceptance as well as developing a platform for diverse representation of disabled role models. Another key areas of the project is increasing the involvement of disabled young people in the planning and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) 2030’s agenda.

Over the next year there are a host of activities to expect from this partnership supporting this year’s Commonwealth theme, a ‘peace-building’ Commonwealth, Include Me TOO and Commonwealth Youth Council will be hosting

  • Two Twitter chats on the 14th and 17th March 2017 at 1PM GMT (Commonwealth week) to discuss ‘Ending violence and abuse against women and girls with disabilities’ and ‘Disability inclusion, rights, participation what matters’.
  • A Roundtable discussion where are we currently in supporting disabled children and young people’s rights in the Commonwealth.
  • Video campaign gathering stories of disabled young people globally their aspirations and goals.

Meet Pinky Lilani CBE DL – Our newest ambassador

Inpinky-lilaniclude Me TOO are proud to announce that Pinky Lilani CBE DL has become our latest ambassador to support Include Me TOO joining AJ Joshi, Apache Indian and Chris Holmes MBE.

“I am honoured to support the fantastic charity Include Me TOO and to be involved in their work, and I know that with the charity’s drive and energy, it will go far and spread a lot of happiness.”

Pinky Lilani CBE DL is a food guru, author, motivational speaker and internationally acclaimed champion for women. She is the force behind the annual Women of the Future Awards, the Asian Women of Achievement Awards, The Ambassadors programme, The Inspirational Women’s Network, The Women of the Future Summit and the Global Empowerment Award. She is an associate fellow of the Said Business School, Oxford and Patron of DIL, The Westminster Society and Frank Water. She is an Ambassador for the Tiffany circle of the Red Cross and on the Board of Trustees of the Royal Commonwealth Society. She is a Deputy Lieutenant for Greater London.

Include Me TOO is now World Merit’s Merit360 Official Partner

Charities come together to provide global platform for disabled young people to be leaders of the future and changemakers.

This year marked the 10th Anniversary on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Include Me TOO’s CEO Parmi Dheensa attended the United Nation Headquarters in Geneva during October contributing towards the review of the convention and progress made in implementing the rights and inclusion of disabled persons. A key concern was how to increase opportunities for disabled persons to impact and influence change including the 2030’s agenda.

During September 2015 the 2030’s agenda was launched and 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and along with many disabled people’s organisations Include Me TOO have highlighted it is key the aspirations and contribution of disabled young people are included to ensure no one is left behind.

World Merit organised Merit360, a program of individuals aged 18 – 35 years to increase their skills as leaders and influencers developing a strategy of action to support reaching the SDGs and presenting these to the United Nations as well as implementation in communities around the world.

Include Me TOO’s vision is a disability friendly, inclusive safe society for all and SDGs can support this to become a reality particularly if disabled persons views and contributions are taken into account.

Include Me TOO are delighted to announce we are joining World Merit’s Merit360 as their official partner and during 2017 will be working in partnership to pilot a program of participation with a group of disabled young people from 4 countries to join like-minded peers in New York to develop an Action Plan to tackle the SDGs and present at United Nations.

“As an organisation World Merit prides itself in being Radically Inclusive. Our global network of over 120,000 changemakers is extremely diverse and is made up with people from all different walks of life. We are extremely proud of having Include Me TOO as an official Merit360 partner to make sure that no one of merit is left behind. Together we will reach out fullest height.”

said Marlou Hermson (World Merit – General Manager)


“As we make the 10th Anniversary of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, we also celebrate it has been 10 years since we developed the Include Me TOO Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People with them and for them. The standards are still relevant today reflecting the CRPD and the 17 sustainable development goals.

Disabled young people’s voices, aspirations and participation have continued to be central in all our work and we are delighted to be an Merit360 official partner working in collaboration to increase the global participation and representation of disabled young people’s contribution to SDGs ensuring disability inclusion and strengthening their voice.”

Parmi Dheensa said (Include Me TOO Founder and Executive Director)

Faith, Disability and Safeguarding National Conference

Protecting and promoting safeguarding and inclusion of disabled children and young people in faith-based and community settings

Include Me TOO have organised this conference in partnership with Strengthening Faiths Institution of  with the support from several leading organisations in this field, NSPCC, Faith Forum London, Barnardo’s FGM Centre, Respond, SCWA (Stop Child Witch Accusation), Forced Marriages Unit and (NWG) National Working Group tackling child sexual exploitation and Jeena.

Date: Wednesday 16th November 2016
Venue: NSPCC National Training Centre Leicester.
Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm

It has been 10 years since Include Me TOO with NSPCC highlighted the much needed issues of safeguarding Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) disabled children and young people and the role of multi faith and community based settings to protect and promote the welfare of all children in our diverse communities.

The conference's purpose is to increase awareness, understanding and inclusion in regards to disabilities within our communities and challenge misinformation, negative perceptions and myths regarding disability.

The conference aims to:

  • increase cultural awareness and understanding of areas to be considered in safeguarding within our diverse communities
  • support the cultural competences of service providers and relevant professionals in regards to cultural practices, safeguarding and intervention
  • improve understanding on matters of safeguarding in relation to disabled children, young people in faith and community settings
  • facilitate change that will create more inclusive, disability friendly and safer faith and local communities for Black, Asian and minority ethnic disabled children and young people
  • develop a Faith and Disability inclusive charter for disability friendly settings

To secure a place please download and complete the booking form and either email it to im2@includemetoo.org.uk or post it to:

Include Me TOO,
Newhampton Arts Centre,
Dunkley Street,

More information can be found by downloading the conference brochure which is available here.

Closing date for bookings is Friday 11th November 2016, places are limited.  

Callums Promise – Fun, Friendships and Adventures

Include Me TOO launched a new project Callum’s Promise which aims to increase Fun, Adventures and Friendships to disabled children and young people. The event was attended by many supporters and disability advocates which included Adam Pearson, Samantha Renke, Tanya Motie, Well Child’s Awards recipient Myles Sketchley, Sophie Walker Leader of the Women’s Equality Party  and Department of Ability founder and creative director Daniel White.

The charity aims through this project to support disabled children and their families with FAB therapy play boxes for those who have no access to specialist sensory toys as well as supporting to create lasting treasured memories through new experiences and adventures whilst still continuing to campaign for the change needed.

Film by: Cristiana Ferrauti
Music: Golden Sunrise by Josh Woodward

The campaign and project launch was hosted by Irwin Mitchell at their headquarters in London with four other partners supporting each various elements to make a real difference supporting the following promises:

Surfability provides disability friendly and adapted surfing for disabled children and young people in Swansea. Callum’s Promise is to raise funds for a second disability friendly adapted surfing board, and increase access to disabled children and young people to surfing with Surfability.

Department of Ability is a vision of Daniel White who is producing the first ever superhero comic with Superheroes disabled children and young people can relate to whilst increasing acceptance in general society. Callum’s Promise is to increase the access to Department of Ability characters and stories to all children and young people increasing friendships and disability acceptance.

Sals Shoes finds new feet for pre loved children shoes globally. Callum’s Promise has joined Sals Shoes as their disability partner to increase footwear to disabled children globally. Furthermore the charity is appealing for preloved piedro boots and similar specialist footwear to support disabled children and young people’s feet in the UK.

Parallel London delivered the largest disability inclusive family friendly public event in London this September. Callum’s Promise is to support disabled children, young people and their families involvement and attendance to future Parallel London events who live outside of London.

‘The reality is disabled children and young people have less opportunities to fun experiences, limited chances of making friends and meeting new people, and have limited opportunities to have the support they need to have their adventures.

Friendships are an important part of most of our lives and disabled children and young people want to have choices of things to do, make friends and have places to go as part of their enjoyment and wellbeing. They want a chance to have the same opportunities of fun and adventures as their non-disabled peers. Their families also want to have shared experiences of days out and socialising with others without having to experience the barriers to access, inclusion and negative attitudes and assumptions regarding disabilities

We are looking forward to working with our amazing partners and anyone who wishes to join us to support and increase opportunities for fun, friendships and adventures to  disabled children and young people ensuring they too can leave a mark on this world’.

Parmi Dheensa (Include Me TOO Founder and Executive)



The charity’s Fun, Adventures and Friendships programme is a result of disabled children and young people wanting to take part to support a promise made by the founder of Include Me TOO to her disabled son Callum of a life full of fun, adventure and friendships which is shared throughout the charity’s work.

Disabled children and young people took part in several fundraising challenges to increase opportunities to fun and friendships for their peers during this summer 2016.

The first challenge they took part in was their first surfing adventure with Surfablity who are able to also accommodate wheelchair users.

The second part of the challenges took place in the West Midlands where they completed Abseiling, Tobogganing and Canoeing.

The donating page is now available with a film showcasing these children’s achievements to help Include Me TOO’s Callum’s Promise to increase disabled children and young people’s experience to fun and adventures by accessing such facilities.

Meet AJ Joshi – Our new Ambassador!

Include Me TOO are proud to announce that AJ Joshi has become our latest ambassador to support Include Me TOO joining Apache Indian and Chris Holmes MBE.


“I am truly honoured to be an International Ambassador of this passionate and determined charity Include Me TOO making a real difference to many lives. The charity has many inspiring stories and is unique in that it has been developed from day one by disabled children, young people and their families from diverse communities with limited resources but using many creative approaches and has a clear vision of disability equality and inclusion.

Children are extremely close to my heart and I’ve always supported organisations helping children attain better opportunities, Include me too are driving that objective forward no matter what barriers they may face

I am looking forward to supporting Include Me TOO as an Ambassador in the new chapter of the charity here in the UK and internationally. I am particularly inspired by the charity’s new campaign and granting programme which is a promise made from the charity’s founder to her disabled son Callum. This promise the charity aims to fulfil increasing opportunities for fun, friendships and adventures to disabled children and young people. There are many initiatives being planned and I am looking forward to the journey ahead, working with the charity to increase its profile and reach whilst Include Me TOO continues to help change lives for a brighter future. ”


AJ Joshi is a an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is an Ambassador for Include Me TOO a charity supporting the rights of disabled children, young people and their families. At 16 years old and whilst at college Joshi launched his first company selling mobile phone accessories online. In November 2001, Joshi launched MajorFm.com with a friend, one of UK’s first internet radio stations. He went on to win Best Radio Station at the People’s Choice Awards. He was selected over Capital Fm, Choice Fm and BBC 1Xtra. In 2007 majorfm.com was nominated as the best website for the Kickers Urban Music Awards UK. In January 2004 he launched UKRecordShop.com with another friend. The same year UKRecordShop.com was nominated UK’s largest independent music store.

In 2000, at the age of 21 Joshi founded The Secret Network, better known later as TSN.[8] In 2012 Joshi co-founded Incipio Academy.[2] It is an online educational network and live events company for personal development and alternative education. In Incipio Academy people can take online courses and improve their personal and professional skills.

In 2012 Joshi founded the One Wish Foundation which focuses on children displaced against their will from normal society. It includes children of war, orphans and children from broken families. In 2013 Joshi co-founded Sivvr.[10] It is a creative agency and app development company based in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In 2015 Joshi founded Valens, a health care and supplement company based in London & Los Angeles. In the same year he founded ScopeForGood.org along with friends. It is an initiative driven by Periscope broadcasting live events for charitable causes.