Senior Family Advocacy Support Worker

Salary: £24,375 pro rata Hours: 22.5 per week
Three year fixed contract

Include Me TOO’s Senior Family Advocacy Support Worker will support families
with SEND children to access the right information and empower parents and
carers with the correct skills and knowledge to advocate and navigate the
complex SEND system. A key role will be to work with parents/carers of
mainstream SEND school pupils, particularly those with invisible
disabilities/impairments needs that have received late diagnosis or have
had additional needs identified but not yet been met at primary school or
transitioning to secondary school.

The post will act as a conduit increasing parents and carers access to
local mainstream services, resources and support to remove barriers and
challenges to obtain the right support and provision advocating for SEND
children in Wolverhampton City.

The Senior Family Advocacy Support Worker will be working closely alongside
local SEND schools and mainstream schools, particularly primary schools,
statutory, faith, and community-based organisations to reach out to B.A.M.E
and other Marginalised communities, parents and carers of disabled children
and young people.

Job Specification

CLOSING DATE: Friday 10th June 2022
Interview date: Monday 27th June 2022