Our vision is a disability friendly, inclusive and safe society for all.

Include Me TOO is a national charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families from diverse range of backgrounds.

Include Me TOO supports and promotes social justice, equality and rights for all disabled children and young people. We provide a range of support including peer support, befriending services, activities and holiday clubs for disabled children, outreach and information and advice to families.

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Include Me TOO Services


Fun activities and trips for disabled children, young people and their families. Supporting them to have fun, learn new skills and make new friendships, increasing their confidence whilst supporting their aspirations and goals.

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Reaching Out

Advocacy, information advice and support. Increasing access to resources by supporting referrals and assessments. Providing support in a range of community languages. Supporting families to access grants and equipment making a real change to their lives.

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Callums Promise

Fun, Adventures and Friendships matter to disabled children and young people too. We aim to support disabled children and their families to create lasting treasured memories.

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Parent 2 Parent

Supporting parents and carers through training and support to become a Peer Supporter and provide a befriending service to other families and direct support to information and reducing isolation.

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Training Services

For organisations and individuals on disability issues for staff and parents. These help to increase mutual respect and understanding of issues, create solutions, inspire and increase aspirations.

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Faith & Disability

Raising disability awareness and understanding within communities and improving access to faith and cultural activities for disabled children , young people and their families .

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