AJ Joshi

The charity has many inspiring stories and is unique in that it has been developed from day one by disabled children, young people and their families from diverse communities with limited resources but using many creative approaches and has a clear vision of disability equality and inclusion.I am truly honoured to be an International Ambassador of this passionate and determined charity Include Me TOO making a real difference to many lives. Children are extremely close to my heart and I’ve always supported organisations helping children attain better opportunities, Include me too are driving that objective forward no matter what barriers they may face I am looking forward to supporting Include Me TOO as an Ambassador in the new chapter of the charity here in the UK and internationally. I am particularly inspired by the charity’s new campaign and granting programme which is a promise made from the charity’s founder to her disabled son Callum. This promise the charity aims to fulfil increasing opportunities for fun, friendships and adventures to disabled children and young people. There are many initiatives being planned and I am looking forward to the journey ahead, working with the charity to increase its profile and reach whilst Include Me TOO continues to help change lives for a brighter future.

Apache Indian

I will always support Include Me TOO. We have so much stuff planned for the future and I am honoured to be part of this team. It’s about supporting young people and making a change to their lives. We live in a time where we have to work together and come together as a community.

Lord Chris Holmes

Any civilized society should constantly strive to ensure that every person is able to fully play their part. I am very pleased to accept the role as Ambassador for Include Me TOO and to offer my support to the National ‘Include Me TOO’ Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People. Equality is more than a word, it is a behaviour, an approach which puts people at the heart, from the heart, and enables potential to be realised. Children and young people, regardless of background or perceived ability have the right for their views, their needs, their hopes and dreams to be fully heard and taken into account. All our futures depend on this.

Paul Sesay

I am delighted to support Include Me TOO as an ambassador. It is an amazing charity that is conducting tremendous work in raising awareness and understanding of disability issues. This fantastic organisation does so much to support BAME and other marginalised children and young people who suffer with disabilities as well as offering their dedicated support to the families of those affected. They are making waves in the diversity world and I am so proud to be a part of it!

Pinky Lilani CBE DL

I am honoured to support the fantastic charity Include Me TOO and to be involved in their work, and I know that with the charity’s drive and energy, it will go far and spread a lot of happiness.

Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker is the leader of the Women’s Equality Party, Britain’s newest political party that aims to unite people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish. She worked for 20 years as an international journalist and has also written a book about raising her daughter Grace who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Sophie is also an Ambassador for the National Autistic Society and a patron of Ambitious about Autism’s Treehouse school.

It is a huge honour to join Include Me TOO as an Ambassador and work together with them on the core goals that the Women’s Equality Party also holds so important: diversity, inclusion and equality. I understand keenly the importance of the work that this wonderful charity does and am committed to helping Parmi and her team break down barriers so that families from all backgrounds and communities can have the support they need.