#YearOfYouth – Survey on Young People with Disabilities Participation, Representation and Leadership in Disability Rights Advocacy and Public Decision Making

This survey is part of a research project for the Year of Youth 2023 to 2024 being carried out by the Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network, Include Me TOO, the Global Network of Young Persons with Disabilities and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

We want to hear from young people with disabilities about your personal experiences in participating in disability rights advocacy spaces and in decision-making processes. We want you to share where you have been heard and included on the issues that matter to you and about any challenges you have experienced in participating and advocating.

The purpose of this survey is to learn and share more about young people with disabilities aged between 13 to 35 years and their experiences and access to participation, representation and leadership in Disability Rights Advocacy Spaces and Public Decision-Making Processes.

We very much appreciate your participation in the survey.

The survey is available here (via Accessible Surveys).  The closing date to send your responses to the survey is the Sunday 28th June 2024.

A report and online event in 2024 will share the responses from young people with disabilities. The findings aim to inform and improve the experiences, capacity and access of young people with disabilities participation, representation and leadership, in your roles as disability rights advocates and your inclusion in decisions that affect your lives and your futures.

If you have any questions or need support to complete the survey you can contact us via email CCYDN@includemetoo.org.uk