Join the CCYDN

Become a member of CCYDN (Commonwealth Children & Youth Disability Network)

By joining CCYDN you can:

  • Be involved with current and future CCYDN projects and initiatives.
  • Have the opportunity to share your achievements, your experiences, events and opportunities through CCYDN network.
  • Connect with other disabled young people to network, share ideas, experiences, views, have your say on the issues that matter to you in disability advocacy, rights and inclusion.
  • Get involved in online discussions, campaigns, and youth advocacy to influence the disability inclusive change you want to see nationally, regionally and internationally .
  • Find out about and opportunities to get involved or be supported with campaigns, capacity building training, getting involved in CCYDN working groups covering key issues impacting disabled children and youth people.
  • Be informed and have the opportunity to contribute and connect with other disabled young people as disability human rights defenders from across the globe. Working together to influence and connect with decision makers throughout the Commonwealth to support the inclusion and rights of disabled children and young people realisation of their rights articulated within UNCRPD and UNCRC.
  • Have the opportunity to develop your skills in leadership, advocacy to contribute to the disability and youth rights movements and spaces.

Membership – who can join?

  • Disabled children and youth aged 13 years to 29 years
  • Disabled youth aged 30 years to 35 years can join as associates
  • Those aged under 18 years old will need parents/guardians consent and be accompanied by parent/guardian when attending CCYDN events.
  • Disabled youth who have set up DPO’s their organisations (YDPO’s)
  • Disabled children and youth who live outside the Commonwealth can join CCYDN as the there are many common areas impacting disability rights and inclusion across the globe.
  • NGO’s who are supporting disabled children and youth from birth to 29 years can join the network
  • DPO’s/OPD’s who work with disabled youth
  • Brothers and sisters who are under the age of 29 years and whose disabled sibling is under the age of 29 years and whom they advocate alongside can apply to join the network by getting in touch with CCYDN email

To join become a member of the Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network complete the relevant application form below: