Parent 2 Parent

PARENT 2 PARENT is Peer Support Service which has been developed by parents and carers to provide Peer Support to other parents and carers with disabled children.

Peer Supporters are available to:

  1. Listen to other parents and carers who need to talk to someone who is understanding and has been through a similar journey
  2. support parents/carers to contribute in discussions and consultations at key events.(Supporting them to assist in planning and developing local services and influencing local decision making).
  3. support families to access information and understand information they receive.
  4. provide peer support to parents/carers at school
  5. provide practical support to parents/carers at meetings and appointments.
  6. provide  practical support to parents/carers during transitions
  7. support families to attend/access short breaks activities and other support services
  8. Reduce isolation and increase peer support to other parents/carers
  9. be a Mentor for parents and carers

All Peer Supporters are matched up to the family’s request i.e. father to father, Peer Supported with a child the same age, similar disabilities, schools etc…..

All Peer Supporters receive training and support through Include Me Too

“Over the years the key message Include Me Too has heard from Parents and Carers is the most useful information and advice they have received has been direct from other parent and carers”.