Callums Promise – Surfability – Our first promise granted!

Increasing Fun, Friendships and Adventures in partnership with Surfability. All the children had a fabulous time in Swansea where they took part in their first surfing adventure with Surfablity who are able to also accommodate wheelchair users.

They all had a great time in Swansea taking part in their first surfing adventure, learning new skills and having fun with their friends showing how important it is for them to have these opportunities.

In October 2016, Include Me TOO launched our Callum’s Promise campaign and support programme which aims to increase Fun, Adventures and Friendships for disabled children and young people.

One of our first promises was to raise £3000 in funds for another accessible surfing board and we have managed to grant this promise thanks to our wonderful partners and supporters including StrongBones where we have received a massive £4100 pounds in donations.

Now we wish to support as many disabled children and young people to access Surfability and share this experience.