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    12. Your Access Needs

    Please explain how your disability affects your access needs which need to be accommodated for the interview and if you are successful in becoming a CCYDN Executive Committee Member.

    13. Are you a member of Youth Disabled Persons Organisation (YDPO), Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO), Organisation of Persons with Disabilities (OPD), Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), disability related groups, networks or forums?*


    14. Which position are you applying for?

    14a: 9 CCYDN Executive Committee positions disabled youth from the Commonwealth



    14d. What skills and experience do you have in the position you have chosen?* (Up to 500 words)

    15. What issues are you passionate about or interested in supporting for children and young people’s disability rights, inclusion, participation and representation?* (Up to 300 words)

    CCYDN Committee Work Themes

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    18: Do you have particular skills/experience in any of the following areas? (You can choose more than one)

    AdvocacyLeadershipTraining / Capacity BuildingPeer or Mentor supportEvent organisingOrganising and delivering campaignsProject managementPublic speakingSocial media administrationWriting reports /articles

    18b: Provide Examples (Up to 400 words)

    19: Do you have other skills, experience or attributes that you feel would assist and benefit CCYDN? Can you give provide details:

    20: Although CCYDN Committee members time is voluntary, they are expected to commit ongoing time to CCYDN workplan and strategic goals. If selected, how much time would you be able to commit to?

    21: Being part of CCYDN there are opportunities to be a representative in themed working sub groups, public events, forums, conferences etc. and contribute to reports, research and campaigns would you be interested in this?


    22: Optional Video submission.

    We are also welcoming submission of video with application. Video submission is optional.

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    Video submission details:

    Once you have completed the application form you can forward supporting video. The video upto 5 minutes covering the following:

    • You can share more information in the video about why you want to join the Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network Executive Committee.
    • What areas you are passionate about or committed to in regards to disability rights, inclusion and equity.
    • What skills, experience, ideas and interests you have so we can get to know more about you.

    Once you have completed the application form you can forward supporting video.

    Please send your video via WhatsApp to +447960105558 or via WeTransfer to

    Please ensure that your full name is added so we can link this to your application form.

    22: To complete the application you will need to upload the following documents:

    • CV / Resume and to include contact details of two referees (with most relevant information relating to position applied for max 2 pages)
    • Optional Work samples including written samples / Showcase on previous work completed by you (max 2 pages)

    If you have any issues uploading files, you can also email these to
    Please ensure the email subject starts with "CCYDN EXCO Application - Full Name"

    Please check you have completed the form and we will be in touch with further information.