COVID-19 Youth with Disabilities – Twitter Chat

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On Tuesday 12th May 2020 from 11.00am to 12.30pm (BST) the Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network (CCYDN) will be hosting a Twitter Chat on COVID-19 and Youth with Disabilities.

The discussion aims to gather COVID 19 stories from youth with disabilities from around the globe and DPO’s and NGO’s supporting the inclusion, rights and participation of children and youth with disabilities on the ground particularly now during COVID 19.

The Twitter Chat has a main designated hastag #DisabilityYouthC19 and two additional designated hashtags to add #CCYDNetwork and #CommonwealthYouth for each tweet responding and contributing to this twitter chat. This will assist in gathering all responses that we may share after the chat regarding #COVID-19 youth with disabilities responses.

The aim of this chat is to provide a platform for youth with disabilities to share your COVID-19 experiences and views. To also share your thoughts on what COVID-19 responses you think are needed to ensure children and youth with disabilities are protected and not left behind.

 How our Twitter Q&A will work

Be sure to follow @CCYDNetwork on Twitter as all questions will be posted by the @CCYDNetwork.

Hashtags: Remember we are using hashtags #DisabilityYouthC19 #CCYDNetwork #CommonwealthYouth for this discussion. In each response copy in both @IncludeMeTOO and @ComSecYouth

We will be tweeting six questions plus introductions during the #DisabilityYouthC19 twitter chat. Please feel free to take your time answering these. All questions are available in advance below.

Format of Questions and Answers during #DisabilityYouthC19
When you respond to a question @CCYDNetwork share such as Q1, your tweet should follow the format: “A1 [your response] followed by #DisabilityYouthC19 and  #CCYDNetwork #CommonwealthYouth

In this case, Q1 stands for Question 1 and A1 stands for Answer 1.

The hashtag will allow us to see your responses, and the number means we know which question you are answering. However, if you find it easier, feel free to quote retweet with your answer.

You might be overwhelmed by the volume of tweets and only want to see the chat’s questions so you can respond to them, check @CCYDNetwork account. Each question will be tweeted about 10 minutes apart.

For an explanation of how to participate in a Twitter chat, please check out this link

Check out this captioned ASL explanation of how to participate in a chat by @behearddc by clicking here.



Feel free to prepare your answers in advance, but please only post these once we have asked the questions on Tuesday 12th May 2020

Q1:    What information and resources have you found helpful in regards to COVID-19 and disability? (This can be within your countries or internationally)

Q2:   What are the barriers and challenges youth with disabilities are experiencing in relation to COVID-19?  

Q3:   What are the additional challenges young women and girls with disabilities are facing in relation to COVID-19? 

Q4:   Are you involved in COVID-19 responses on the ground supporting other persons with disabilities? Can you share your stories here and give examples? 

Q5:   Have youth with disabilities views, experiences and participation been included in country or international COVID-19 responses? If yes can you share how, when and by whom.

Q6:   What recommendations do you think are necessary in COVID-19 responses to protect children and youth with disabilities rights across the globe?

We hope you can participate in the #DisabilityYouthC19 Twitter Chat!

If you miss it, don’t worry! You’re free to answer the questions at any point!

We have tried to make this Q&A accessible a possible. However, can you think of anything that could make it more accessible? We welcome suggestions, please email these to us:

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