Have you ever seen a wheelchair on a sleigh? – Callum’s Christmas Wish

A Christmas adventure to the North Pole, this really happened, never give up hope, wishes come true …


Two years ago a Christmas promise I made to Callum came true. It was a whispered wish and the way it was granted felt as though God, the universe, angels, whatever you believe in had heard us.

It all began on the way back from our summer adventures. As I have promised Callum a life full of love, adventures and friendships…

It had taken many years and Callum had finally swam with the dolphins that summer and we were so excited we had completed one of our goals. On our journey home to the UK I reminisced with Callum over our holiday and all the adventures big and small we have had. Callum placed his head on my shoulders as I realised we had not planned in our list of adventures to go to the North Pole and meet Santa. I cuddled him and whispered the wish and thought it will take a lot of planning and saving up again but it would be such a wonderful experience and great adventure for my Callum.

Two months later I received a call from Callum’s school nurse Chris.

Chris started to say ‘Hi Parmi, I have some exciting news. I know Callum  has a passport as you went on holiday recently. We have just been contacted by ‘When You Wish upon a Star’ and they asked if we have any children who would be able to join them as they have a few places left. Callum has a life threatening condition with epilepsy and other needs and fits their criteria but it’s in two weeks time. How would you and Callum like to go to Lapland!’

My eyes filled up, I had to sit down, I had to take a deep breath as this was so unreal, more to the point this was truly a miracle!

I explained to Chris how I was finding this news overwhelming, as I had only promised Callum to one day take him to Lapland and I had not yet shared that promise with anyone else. I was in tears full of thanks and joy as this was amazing for my Callum.

My family felt so very blessed as faith, hope and love have given us so much strength and belief in the past. With this wonderful opportunity we felt as though we were given a huge hug to reassure us not to ever give up and everything we believed in for Callum can happen.

The ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ team were fantastic. It was a very full day starting early at the airport, the staff and volunteers could not do enough for all the children and their families. There were clowns, magicians, celebrities all ensuring the children were entertained and had a experience of a lifetime. Many of the children had terminal illnesses or life limiting conditions.

Callum met Richard Whitehead 2012 200 metres  gold medallist paralympian,, we marvelled as he showed his running blades, like a superhero, such a great role model. Richard was lovely he even helped pull Callum’s sleigh (which had his wheelchair placed onto it), once we were in Lapland and everyone was so helpful.image

Arriving in Lapland felt as though we had just landed in Narnia, very cold but very beautiful. There was so much that was packed in one day. Families could enjoy snowboarding, snow mobiles, getting warm under huge Tepee’s which hosted open camp fire and warm marsh mellows, hot chocolate and sausages, going on sleighs driven by either reindeers or huskies, and as it began to get dark a fireworks display.

Callum had an amazing time and then it was time to have Christmas dinner and meet Santa.image

Callum also had the chance to meet Rudolph the Reindeer, he loves animals and I forgot to mention he loved the huskies ride as our sleigh was pulled very quickly by the huskies, Lots of vocal displays of his delight as well as laughter.


Next we all went to the Arctic Circle, where we visited Santa’s post office and met the largest snowman we had ever seen.

This blog message really is never give up hope and lovely surprises do happen when you don’t expect them too. My greatest adventure to date has been as a mother to my two boys each blessing me with their uniqueness and blessing my life with priceless moments.

 Having a disabled child does not mean we do not have the same wishes and aspirations as other families who do not have a disabled child. Yes our lives are different we adapt and find solutions to everyday things to suit our child’s and family’s needs. My family feel very grateful the love and support we have received and the beautiful surprises and opportunities life gives us, such as Callum’s visit to North Pole to meet Santa. Wow, my son’s amazing journey which I am privileged to share took us to the North Pole. Thank you When You Wish Upon a Star for these priceless moments.image

I saw this post recently and this summarises my Callum.

’ Don’t just see my legs not running. Don’t just see my hands not working, Don’t just see my mouth not talking, These broken pieces are not me,  See instead the light in my eyes. See instead my loving soul. See instead my thinking mind. These inner pieces are the real me’.

Every day is a gift enjoy your precious times, not just in this festive season, but every chance you get.

I pray Callum’s life is always full of adventure, friendships and love and I wish this for every disabled child and person. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if this wish was granted too?.

Season greetings to you all and thank you for reading, sharing and getting behind our journey Callum’s Promise  xx 

Please support us to increase disability awareness, understanding and acceptance to build a disability friendly rights respecting society.

– Parmi Dheensa

The charity Callum has inspired Include Me TOO are hosting the first ever National Inspirational Awards for Disabled Children, Young People and their Families, please share this and attend and click on to this link for more information includemetoo.org.uk/awards