One smile at a time, changing the world to a disability friendly reality …

Over the last 10 years Callum taught me how to step
up and hold his hand as he shares his world with me. His world is extraordinary
full of strength, hope, love, possibilities, compassion and real belief
anything is possible.  His smile is beautiful and I will do anything to
ensure he always smiles and I continue to pray the world, the universe and even
you smile back. 

I learn more from Callum as each year passes. We
adore him and his gentle, kind and loving nature. My angel, my hero, my
gorgeous little boy, (who is growing up very fast). 

Callum may not communicate verbally and I know and
accept he will never have a conversation with me as his development is very
delayed, and even though he is going to be 16 years old next week, his
understanding & development is less than a 2 year old. But instead of what if’s
and getting upset, we celebrate each day as new possibilities and are grateful
for each moment we share as a family.

Callum may not communicate verbally but he
communicates and explores and experiences the world differently.  A world ‘normal’ to him,
we as a family have embraced. The pace is slow (much welcomed in this busy
world) his expressions and gestures beautiful, pure and innocent. His smile
priceless. His journey in life is different from his ever supportive loving
older brother, however as a family we accept this and feel blessed with the
path life has taken us. We have met the most amazing individuals and families
within our disability community. 

I love talking to Callum about ideas to how we can
make a difference supporting disabled children’s rights and aspirations. He
gets so excited and leans in for a hug and shares his beaming smile and I know
he is giving me his approval. Callum loves to have people talk to him not at
him, he listens carefully and will communicate back via his unique sounds he
makes and there are several.

I made Callum a promise years ago and we want to
make that promise of fun, adventure and friendships to reach all disabled
children and families. 

We started this blog of Callum’s journey a year ago
and our determination and commitment to the cause of disability awareness, understanding
& respect has strengthened more than ever. 

Sharing smiles, laughter and perfect moments are
priceless, as there are times admittedly when life is tough, challenges and
barriers become exhausting and when Callum is poorly due to epileptic seizures
it make you feel helpless and is extremely upsetting. 

It is the love, hope, laughter shared as a family
which keeps us strong.

We have been on a mission to change the world ‘One Smile
at a Time’. 

‘Callum how incredible
you are and how blessed are we to be sharing your journey on a personal level,
as well as through the vision of Include Me TOO, the charity you inspired to be
set up’.

We were delighted the
hard work of the charity Include Me TOO and the real difference it makes in the
community with families we support, which is being recognised, locally and nationally. We took several
families to meet with the Prime Minister and Samantha Cameron at No.10 Downing
Street. Further smiles were shared as the families met with Paddington Bear.

Furthermore we organised
the first National awards in
March to celebrate disabled children, young people and their families’
journeys and achievements, and each smile was truly priceless. We are meeting
many families who are sharing a similar journey like us and we very much
welcome them as our extended family, as we continue to hold Callum’s hand
meeting his peers and sharing fun, adventures and friendships.

Please join us and
support us to increase the magic of a SMILE through increasing disability
inclusion, awareness and understanding.  

Disabled children are equally entitled to a exciting
& brilliant future, be part of the change… 

Parmi Dheensa