Callums Promise – Fun, Friendships and Adventures

Include Me TOO launched a new project Callum’s Promise which aims to increase Fun, Adventures and Friendships to disabled children and young people. The event was attended by many supporters and disability advocates which included Adam Pearson, Samantha Renke, Tanya Motie, Well Child’s Awards recipient Myles Sketchley, Sophie Walker Leader of the Women’s Equality Party  and Department of Ability founder and creative director Daniel White.

The charity aims through this project to support disabled children and their families with FAB therapy play boxes for those who have no access to specialist sensory toys as well as supporting to create lasting treasured memories through new experiences and adventures whilst still continuing to campaign for the change needed.

Film by: Cristiana Ferrauti
Music: Golden Sunrise by Josh Woodward

The campaign and project launch was hosted by Irwin Mitchell at their headquarters in London with four other partners supporting each various elements to make a real difference supporting the following promises:

Surfability provides disability friendly and adapted surfing for disabled children and young people in Swansea. Callum’s Promise is to raise funds for a second disability friendly adapted surfing board, and increase access to disabled children and young people to surfing with Surfability.

Department of Ability is a vision of Daniel White who is producing the first ever superhero comic with Superheroes disabled children and young people can relate to whilst increasing acceptance in general society. Callum’s Promise is to increase the access to Department of Ability characters and stories to all children and young people increasing friendships and disability acceptance.

Sals Shoes finds new feet for pre loved children shoes globally. Callum’s Promise has joined Sals Shoes as their disability partner to increase footwear to disabled children globally. Furthermore the charity is appealing for preloved piedro boots and similar specialist footwear to support disabled children and young people’s feet in the UK.

Parallel London delivered the largest disability inclusive family friendly public event in London this September. Callum’s Promise is to support disabled children, young people and their families involvement and attendance to future Parallel London events who live outside of London.

‘The reality is disabled children and young people have less opportunities to fun experiences, limited chances of making friends and meeting new people, and have limited opportunities to have the support they need to have their adventures.

Friendships are an important part of most of our lives and disabled children and young people want to have choices of things to do, make friends and have places to go as part of their enjoyment and wellbeing. They want a chance to have the same opportunities of fun and adventures as their non-disabled peers. Their families also want to have shared experiences of days out and socialising with others without having to experience the barriers to access, inclusion and negative attitudes and assumptions regarding disabilities

We are looking forward to working with our amazing partners and anyone who wishes to join us to support and increase opportunities for fun, friendships and adventures to  disabled children and young people ensuring they too can leave a mark on this world’.

Parmi Dheensa (Include Me TOO Founder and Executive)



The charity’s Fun, Adventures and Friendships programme is a result of disabled children and young people wanting to take part to support a promise made by the founder of Include Me TOO to her disabled son Callum of a life full of fun, adventure and friendships which is shared throughout the charity’s work.

Disabled children and young people took part in several fundraising challenges to increase opportunities to fun and friendships for their peers during this summer 2016.

The first challenge they took part in was their first surfing adventure with Surfablity who are able to also accommodate wheelchair users.

The second part of the challenges took place in the West Midlands where they completed Abseiling, Tobogganing and Canoeing.

The donating page is now available with a film showcasing these children’s achievements to help Include Me TOO’s Callum’s Promise to increase disabled children and young people’s experience to fun and adventures by accessing such facilities.