Include Me TOO is now World Merit’s Merit360 Official Partner

Charities come together to provide global platform for disabled young people to be leaders of the future and changemakers.

This year marked the 10th Anniversary on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Include Me TOO’s CEO Parmi Dheensa attended the United Nation Headquarters in Geneva during October contributing towards the review of the convention and progress made in implementing the rights and inclusion of disabled persons. A key concern was how to increase opportunities for disabled persons to impact and influence change including the 2030’s agenda.

During September 2015 the 2030’s agenda was launched and 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and along with many disabled people’s organisations Include Me TOO have highlighted it is key the aspirations and contribution of disabled young people are included to ensure no one is left behind.

World Merit organised Merit360, a program of individuals aged 18 – 35 years to increase their skills as leaders and influencers developing a strategy of action to support reaching the SDGs and presenting these to the United Nations as well as implementation in communities around the world.

Include Me TOO’s vision is a disability friendly, inclusive safe society for all and SDGs can support this to become a reality particularly if disabled persons views and contributions are taken into account.

Include Me TOO are delighted to announce we are joining World Merit’s Merit360 as their official partner and during 2017 will be working in partnership to pilot a program of participation with a group of disabled young people from 4 countries to join like-minded peers in New York to develop an Action Plan to tackle the SDGs and present at United Nations.

“As an organisation World Merit prides itself in being Radically Inclusive. Our global network of over 120,000 changemakers is extremely diverse and is made up with people from all different walks of life. We are extremely proud of having Include Me TOO as an official Merit360 partner to make sure that no one of merit is left behind. Together we will reach out fullest height.”

said Marlou Hermson (World Merit – General Manager)


“As we make the 10th Anniversary of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, we also celebrate it has been 10 years since we developed the Include Me TOO Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People with them and for them. The standards are still relevant today reflecting the CRPD and the 17 sustainable development goals.

Disabled young people’s voices, aspirations and participation have continued to be central in all our work and we are delighted to be an Merit360 official partner working in collaboration to increase the global participation and representation of disabled young people’s contribution to SDGs ensuring disability inclusion and strengthening their voice.”

Parmi Dheensa said (Include Me TOO Founder and Executive Director)