COVID-19 Hospital Communication Passport Asia, Africa and Pacific Launch.

COVID-19 Hospital Communication Passport Asia, Africa and Pacific Launch.

The COVID-19 Hospital Communication Passport has been developed to support efforts for a disability inclusive COVID-19 response to the health and medical needs of children, young people and adults with disabilities.

This resource is a valuable tool in gathering vital information, ensuring an understanding of how to support persons with disabilities access, communication, sensory, physical and personal care needs whilst supporting their rights. safety and dignity.

We are hosting three regional events to identify local and regional partners sharing how they can get involved and use the resource.

The sessions will be delivered as information, workshop and discussions covering:

  • The importance of this resource for persons with disabilities during this pandemic.
  • How to use the resource and how it can improve the healthcare access and support.
  • Discussions how this resource can be part of the COVID-19 hospitals and medical centers processes in their care and treatment protocol


Who can attend:

National Governments, Disabled Persons Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, COVID-19 response and recovery leads and Young People with Disabilities who would want to get involved.

Region Date Time
Asia Region Workshop and Discussion Monday 5th October 2020 10am (London) 2.30pm (Delhi)
Africa Region Workshop and Discussion Tuesday 6th October 2020 11am (London) 1pm (Nairobi)
Pacific Region Workshop and Discussion Wednesday 7th October 2020 9am (London) 6pm (Australia) 8pm (Fiji)

You can register for this event below: