IM2 Visits Parliament!

Disabled Children and Young People visit Parliament for Cross Party Endorsements for thier Rights.

On Wednesday 25th April 2007 Disabled Children, Young People and Parents/Carers from different parts of the UK paid a special and historical visit to Parliament.

The visit was to mark the occasion of the fact that for the very first time the three political parties and both houses of Parliament were coming together to sign their endorsement and to express their commitment for the National “Include Me TOO” Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People.

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In practice this means that there is now full political backing to see the Charter carried out to improve the lives of every Disabled Child and Young Person in Britain.

The following were signatories on the day, Prime Minister Tony Blair, for the Government and the Labour Party, Baroness Valerie Amos Leader of the House of Lords, Rt Hon David Campbell MP for the Conservative Party, Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell MP, for the Liberal Democrat party, Rt Hon John Hutton MP Minister for the Department of Working Pensions Rt Hon, Richard Caborn MP, Minister for Sport, Rt Hon David Willet MP Shadow Education Secretary-Conservative Party, RT Hon Annette Brookes MP, Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Children and Families.

Following the successful visit to Parliament the Prime Minister Tony Blair referenced the children’s visit and the hardest job carried out by the parents and carers compared to the Prime Minister of Britain’s job during his exit speech!

We have forwarded a letter of thanks on behalf of Include Me TOO and all our national partners for referencing this very important visit during this historical speech.

Other leaders of British political parties, including the Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats Party

“…These important principles behind “Include Me TOO” Charter are just as important for children from BME communities as they are for others and I know Include Me TOO are working to ensure that all disabled children. young people and their families have a forum to raise issues of concern so they can be addressed.” – Rt Hon David Cameron MP Leader of the Conservative Party

“This Charter is a clear statement of inclusion that enshrines the rights of disabled children and young people to be included in the decision making that affects their lives.

Liberal Democrats are committed to achieving equality for all disabled people and young people and therefore support the “Include Me TOO” Charter of Rights.” – Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell MP Leader of the Liberal Democrats Party