Include Me TOO reaching new heights

On Wednesday 8th July 2009, Include Me TOO a national charity attended No 10 Downing and met with the Policy Unit to discuss how the Government may consider supporting the implementation of the National Include Me TOO Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People as a signatory to the Charter.

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During the visit Include Me TOO had the opportunity to discuss issues regarding the promotion of disabled children and young people’s right to equality, inclusion, and recognition as valued members of our society.

We are delighted to have reached this milestone as all the hard endeavours of organisations and individuals dedicated in promoting social justice and equality for disabled children and their families are justifiably receiving the recognition needed to improve better outcomes and support of the aspirations of disabled children and young people.

Through collaboration we can all together ensure the vision set out by the Charter can become a reality for all disabled children and young people and their families in Great Britain.