Celebrating Father’s Week!

We want to hear from you!


Include Me TOO are working together with Bringing Us Together to reach as many families as we can and to be able to showcase fathers and father figures with their disabled children.

For the week leading up to Father’s Day, we will be welcoming and collating father’s/ male role model’s stories,  photos or videos that celebrate the unique relationship of a father and their child.

Dads often get forgotten and left out of the loop – but we know that many of our disabled children have dad’s/brothers/uncles/grandad’s who are giving 100% to their families.  We want to hear from you and to show off what the males in the family are up to!!

Include Me TOO  have produced a programme to be shown on Sangat TV Channal 847 and Youtube soon after, about fathers sharing their stories and experiences of their personal journeys and unique relationship with their child. Airing on Father’s Day Sunday 15th June at 1:30pm and 9pm and Friday 20th June at 8:30pm on Sangat TV Channel 847

Please do get in touch with us and share your stories via Twitter:

@includemetoo or @BUsTogether

Websites: www.includemetoo.org.uk or www.bringingustogether.org.uk

Or you can email directly on