A mother’s promise to her son of a life full of love, friendship and adventures:

For those who know my son Callum you will be familiar with his extraordinary life journey. From the day he was born (three months too early!) he fought for his life, through his strength I grew strong; through his courage I grew more determined that he would live life to the full as much as possible; through his love I began to understand true compassion. Callum’s second name is Arjun and he is AMAZING he quietly has inspired projects and Seva (Selfless Service) promoting the RIGHTS of his disabled peers, teaching through sharing his JOURNEY increasing UNDERSTANDING of the NEEDS of disabled children and young people and their families. I am humbled and honoured to call him my son. I am his mother, his advocate, his voice as he holds my hand and guides me on his life journey. I am in awe of my angel, his mild loving patient nature, the love and beautiful smiles he blesses my life with, the direction he has led my life for the last 12 years! He is my inspiration, my teacher and I am his voice, in his journey ahead I pray I can support his dreams and aspirations, ensuring his life is full of love, laughter, adventures and friendships.

Today, I want to wish my son Callum a fantastic 15th birthday and we are really looking forward to our many new adventures and many new friendships. Callum will turn 16 next year on May 2nd, we hope to have shared this message far and wide by then.

15 Years Ago, I made a promise to my little star Callum, that his life will be filled with love, friendship and many adventures. 15 years later,  we are sharing Callum’s journey with you. Please extend your hands of friendship to Callum to strengthen our belief that people do care about disabled children and young people. 

On this page we will be sharing more into Callum’s Journey. 

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Callum has inspired the formation of the charity Include Me TOO, supporting disabled children and families, at Include Me TOO’s National Conference in 2008, His brother who is his best friend and his advocate, at the age of 11, wrote and presented a powerful message using snapshots of our family life and sharing the life journey of his little brother.