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Hospital Communication Passport and Supporting Resources

We have been working with families, disabled children, young people and adults, professionals and organisations over the last week to get information out to prepare families for admission to hospital of their loved ones. It is really important to be organised and we hope that the information below will help you.

We know that the Coronavirus is putting our hospitals under great strain. Given the pressure that doctors and nurses are under they may not have much time to understand what disabled children, young people and adults need so we wanted to try and help make this easier.

We have produced an invaluable resource pack with two key documents added. The first of these is a two page summary record which is COVID 19 Hospital Communication Passport that lists the most important things that hospital and medical staff must know about disabled persons as soon as they arrive. It is important to complete your COVID 19 Hospital Communication Passport to ensure hospital and medical staff understand disabled children, young people and adults range of access and support needs.

This resource provides vital information to support their safety and dignity, their access, communication, sensory, physical and personal care needs that must be considered and supported. Once you have filled this in print and laminate or put in clear sealed plastic bag or poly pocket.

Do remember to also print and complete the second document which is the COVID-19 History Sheet and take both of these two documents to the hospital.

We have updated the ‘All About Me Communication Passport’ which we have supported many families with disabled children and young people complete over the last decade. We are making ‘All About Me’ available to as many families as possible to support planning ahead particularly if a parent or main carer fall ill with COVID 19.

‘All About Me’ will support other family members, carers, any new support staff understand more clearly loved ones communication, routines, personal care, sensory and physical needs etc. Whilst a parent or carer may not be available or not well due to COVID 19.

All About Me’ also has additional resources that can be included depending on each individual. We will be hosting webinars and zoom group video sessions to support completing the COVID 19 Hospital Passport and supporting families with the ‘All About Me’ resources and supporting discussions and questions, details will be shared soon. You can also contact our team if you wish to discuss.

We wish to thank Bringing Us Together (Katie Clarke and Ian Penfold), Helen Thornton, disabled children, young people and their families, carers and practitioners who have contributed in developing this resource pack.

Include Me TOO Resource Pack:

Other Helpful COVID 19 Resources

The Hand Washing Rap

This is a fun video produced by the Purple All Stars demonstrating good handwashing:

Easy read resources on the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Mencap has produced an easy read leaflet:

Talking Mats have produced an east read version of WHO social distancing recommendations:

Inclusion North has produced an easy read leaflet, along with an audio copy:

Photosymbols have created some posters too:

Beyond Words have produced a free e-book:

Opening Doors have made an easy read guide: My Plan for staying safe and staying in. You can find the Opening Doors resources here


Free resources:

Makaton have made available free resources including resources explaining Coronavirus and how to wash hands and stay safe:

Challenging Behaviour Foundation are unable to send out their DVD resources. However they feel that it would be helpful during this difficult time to have practical information about behaviour that challenges. Their DVDs have therefore been published online and are free for anyone to watch.

Mind: Coronavirus and your wellbeing


Further information and advice:

Coronavirus Act 2020 – Social Care and SEND Guidance Note for England
Written by the 39 Essex Chambers public law team in response to some of the many queries we have had about the implications of the Coronavirus Act 2020 for social care and SEND. It is not a comprehensive review – legal advice will need to be sought in respect of specific situations that arise.  See here for the full guidance note

COVID-19 latest information and advice

NHS Coronavirus Advice: coronavirus-covid-19/