Parents and Carers Workshops

COVID-19 The Changing Landscape – Impact on our disabled children, young people and families

  • Local and national impact on our families lives
  • Lessons we have learnt and how we have adapted
  • How can we be prepared
  • What support is available and what support our families need in this pandemic
  • Hearing from Parents their strategies
  • How grassroot charities are making a difference to support families who are shielding

Understanding Autism and supporting your autistic child’

  • Busting Autistic Myths
  • Supporting sensory needs
  • Understanding Meltdowns vs Shutdowns
  • Communication Matters – Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • Understanding Stimming?
  • Challenges and Strengths an Autistic point of view

Supporting and understanding your child’s sensory needs

  • Understanding sensory joy and sensory pain
  • Strategies to support your child access in unpredictable environments
  • Understanding how sensory issues effect health and self-care
  • A sensory friendly home

Getting to know what financial support is available for your child and family

Many families are experiencing increased financial pressures and uncertainty of what support is available from the benefit system and any other financial support they can access.

This online workshop will support families to make sense of what financial support and resources are available to them.

The workshop also will cover the complexities of the benefit system as your child approaches 16 years of age and what you need to know.

The workshop will cover:

    • Grants and equipment support available for disabled children and young people upto 18 years old
    • Making sense of the benefits system when your disabled child turns 16
    • Being prepared – moving from DLA to PIP
    • Discounts available for recreation and leisure activities
    • Other financial support available including with your utility bills
    • Useful tips, accessing further information and help
    • Parents sharing their experiences and stories

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