Jack Milne

I was born in Melbourne and currently based in Canberra, Australia. I have recently graduated with an MSc in Business Analysis and Strategic Management at The University of Manchester. I have volunteered in South Africa, twice undertaken research in Asia with the first time in India and second was in Malaysia, China and Vietnam, and I have attended Global Youth Forums in Germany and the recent CYF. I was appointed as one of the 2016 – 2018 Commonwealth Youth Council’s Vice President’s lead advisors on the design and delivery of the I Am Able campaign, and at present the Australian Youth Coordinator of the Royal Commonwealth Society, and currently employed with a Government Service Provider. I have experienced some of the challenges that people with disabilities encounter on a daily basis, whether it’s in education and employment.

I have joined Include Me TOO as an Ambassador as I am passionate about strengthening and leading the global movement of where it was reported by UNICEF in 2013 that the number of children with disabilities had ranged between 93 million and 150 million. I was once of those young people. These alarming statistics indicate we need to collectively through global efforts ensure that there is Global Youth Disability Summit, an opportunity where young people lead their destiny, their futures through taking a powerful stance on where their voices that aren’t heard are heard, the eyes that can’t see can see, the ones that aren’t able are able. More importantly ensure every child doesn’t get left behind.

My aspiration for Include Me TOO is to expand their operations and advocate through partnerships and collaboration with driving the international development agenda through Australia, New Zealand and UK through into the Pacific Islands. This drive will increase the resilience in local communities, prosperity in Small Island States and create a platform where there is inclusion and participation of disabled children and young people, especially with achieving UN SDG 4 and 8.