Jonathan Andrews

Role models give children an idea of what they could be – and for disabled children and young people, what better role models can there be but others like them succeeding? Every child should have the chance to see themselves in whatever path they want to take and achieve whatever their talents allow, regardless of disability. I made it into the legal profession being completely open about autism, seeing this not as a weakness but a strength and opportunity. Since then I’ve acted as an advocate across business for employing autistic people and utilising our talents productively – and showing companies that it’s good business sense, as well as socially conscious, to hire people with disabilities. As a Queen’s Young Leader, European Campaigner of the Year, and the joint first person to represent the UK at the Commonwealth Youth Awards, I have spread this message far and wide – but it can always be spread further. And I want as many companies as possible to understand these benefits, especially given the low autism employment rate and the talent being wasted as a result. As an Include Me TOO ambassador, I look forward to working with disabled young people across the UK and Commonwealth, improving their wellbeing, opportunity, and life chances.