Sarah Mwikali

Sarah is a Criminal Justice, Human Rights and Development Practitioner, Co Founder and Programs Director at Gifted Community Centre-GCC that target children and youth with disabilities from the informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya to mentor, educate, inform, empower and advocate. Sarah believes that, through mentorship, mentees with disability are able to fully unleash their untapped potential for both personal and professional growth. For long, persons with disabilities have been marginalized due to lack of accessible information and choices. It is from this that Sarah endeavours to bring closer information on both local and international opportunities and services to persons with disabilities-‘Access to information is a prerequisite to access to opportunities’. Sarah Sarah has won different awards and recognitions, served in different positions and still continues to, for the welfare and betterment of the lives of youth with disabilities. She has previously been awarded as Queen’s Young Leader Runners Up, Commonwealth Associate, Kectil fellow, Leonard Cheshire Disability Young Voice Member, and Global Youth Ambassador for TheirWorld where she advocates for every child’s with disability right to quality education. Sarah is currently serving as the Youth Council Advisor for the Global Business Coalition on Education where she contributes in closing the youth skills gap, especially youth with a disability.

There is such a strong sense of belonging at Include Me TOO, and I am super excited to be part of the movement that is unleashing the full potential of children and youth with disabilities. A movement that is turning up and down the tables to have the voices of youth with disabilities right in front, and not just to stare, but taking hold of that microphone to say it as it is. Include Me TOO is a place that values and respects the human rights of persons with disabilities, sees the potential in them, and goes forward to realize them. Most exciting is that, what Include Me TOO does is what we are doing here in Kenya through Gifted Community Centre, and I am certain they will mentor us to see the lives of young people with disabilities in Kenya become better. Such a collective action will go a long way in ensuring an inclusive and empowered society, globally. Thank you Include Me TOO for seeing the potential in me.