Join the CCYDN

Become a member of CCYDN (Commonwealth Children & Youth Disability Network)

By joining CCYDN you can:

  • Be involved with current and future CCYDN projects and initiatives.
  • Have the opportunity to share your achievements, your experiences, events and opportunities through CCYDN network.
  • Connect with other young people with disabilities on the things that matter to you about your inclusion, aspirations and rights through online discussions, campaigns and national/regional organisations.
  • Find out about and opportunities to get involved or be supported with campaigns, training, events opportunities available to be a disability changemaker
  • Be informed and have the opportunity to contribute and connect with other young changemakers with disabilities from across the globe and work together to connect with decision makers throughout the Commonwealth to support the inclusion and rights of children and young people with disabilities
  • Have the opportunity to develop your skills and have support of mentors and peers.

Membership – who can join?

CCDYN is a network of young people with disabilities, including those who work with, or have set up, DPOs or NGOs working with children and young people with disabilities to make a difference nationally or locally regarding disability inclusion and rights.


  • Children and young people can join as members from 13 years to 29 years
  • Those aged under 18 years old can attend CCYDN events with a parent/guardian.
  • Young people with disabilities who have set up DPO’s their organisations can join the network
  • NGO’s who are supporting children and young people with disabilities from birth to 29 years can join the network
  • Brothers and sisters who are under the age of 29 years  and whose sibling with disabilities is under the age of 29 years and whom they advocate alongside can apply to join the network by getting in touch with CCYDN email

If you would like to join, please download the relevant application form below:

We hope you will join CCYDN to be part of our network to strengthen the voices of children and young people with disabilities, locally, nationally, regionally and internationally.

Kind regards



NOTE: Include Me TOO promotes the social model approach to disability and we usually use terminology such as ‘disabled people’, ‘disabled young people’ and ‘disabled children’. However international language within the Commonwealth and other international platforms use ‘persons with disabilities’, ‘young persons with disabilities’ and ‘children with disabilities’ we therefore use ‘international terms’ with any information shared regarding the Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network (CCYDN )